VMC 7317 Weedless Lure Hook

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  • Worm hook with 3X reinforced wire
  • To entice predators from heavily-covered areas
  • Extremely sharp and resistant point
  • Now available in Tin plating for weedless soft plastic rigs for saltwater fishing
  • These will also fit Fiiish Minnow weedless lures
  • Regular Ring
    Regular Ring
  • Regular Shank
    Regular Shank
  • Extra Wide Gap
    Extra Wide Gap
  • Non-Reversed (Non-Offset)
    Non-Reversed (Non-Offset)
  • Forged
  • Regular Barb
    Regular Barb
  • 3X Strong
    3X Strong
  • Z-Lock Bend
    Z-Lock Bend
  • Hi-Carbon Steel
    Hi-Carbon Steel
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