Varivas Big Mouth Xtra Box

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The Varivas Big Mouth XTRA (BMX) features the same wide gape pattern as the standard Big Mouth but the BMX is made from extra strong 2X wire. This means that the BMX is even tougher than the standard Big Mouth yet still maintains the same fishing qualities and high level of sharpness
The heavier wire allows Varivas to produce the BMX in larger sizes, up to an 8/0, without the risk of the hook bending out during the fight.
Large baits and large fish are the BMXs forte so if you are targeting serious specimens from either boat or shore then the BMX will not let you down.

30 hooks per box (8/0 – 20 hooks per box)

  • Big fish pattern
  • Special gunmetal finish
  • Medium Shank
  • Forged Round Bend
  • 2x Extra strong wire
  • Needle point
  • Small barb
  • Neat eye
  • Well suited to worm, crab and fish baits
  • Sizes 1/0 to 8/0
  • 30 hooks per box (8/0 – 20 hooks per box)
  • Made in Japan
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