Tronixpro Seat Box Large

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A large capacity fishing tackle box that is perfect for the shore or boat angler who wants to take a large amount of gear on a session with them.

It features two strong shutting clasps that keep the box lid secure and a strong carry handle to lift the box with one hand.

It also has a carry strap that can be fitted for throwing over the anglers’ shoulder. The box come with an internal tray that fits into the top of the box and covers half of it, so that the main compartment can still be accessed.

There are also two clear boxes supplied that clip into the top of the lid for storing small accessories. The main compartment of the box features a lip of around 1 cm which the lid fits onto, this provides a water-resistant lip to stop water accessing the box.

Perfect for the angler who fishes in adverse weather conditions or the boat angler whose box is likely to be on deck when underway.

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