Tronixpro Casting Capsule

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The perfect way to cast big baits in a streamlined way! The Bait Capsule features a long tube with a grip lead build into it, larger baits can be placed in the tube and cast out, it’s just like casting a plain lead. When the Bait Capsule hits the water surface, water is forced through small holes in the head of the Capsule which fills the chamber and ejects the bait. Not only is it fantastic for big baits but also for small, delicate baits too. Protecting softer baits such as crab, head hooked ragworm, maddies and even live baits such as sandeel. The design allows for the use of longer hook lengths too, which can be squeezed into the capsule for casting. It is always best to keep the hook length slightly longer when fishing with a Bait Capsule, so that the bait isn’t ejected early during the cast.

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