Snowbee Granit PVC Chest Wader

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Granite PVC Waders 

Over the past three seasons, the Granite PVC waders have proved to be totally reliable, with near zero returns! An amazing feat, bearing in mind how many we sell of these quality waders!
Manufactured from a durable, heavy-duty, hard-wearing, reinforced PVC laminate, which despite being as tough as it gets, is also extremely soft, light and flexible, for added comfort. 
The outer PVC layer is laminated to a tough, woven nylon inner lining, making the material super-strong and almost rip-proof, whilst remaining light weight. 
These Granite waders use a unique seam welding technology, where the seams are fused together with an integral tape, using a new Sonic Welding process. This leaves the finished seams immensely strong, but also almost completely flush, to avoid any seam-chafe. 
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