Seadra Super Strong Rolling Swivels X3

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The Seadra Super X3 Rolling Swivels are a premium grade saltwater swivel that has been designed to go above and beyond the abilities of an average swivel. They are manufactured from a high grade 100% stainless steel to give an immense strength to size ratio and also ensure full saltwater protection against the elements. X3 Rolling swivels are 3 times stronger than traditional brass swivels allowing you to use a much smaller swivel without having to compromise on strength and reliability. The stainless round eyes resist distortion and the parallel stainless body is neatly formed to hold the eyes securely even under extreme load. We have tested these extensively against other brands on the market and we’re confident that they exceed the capabilities of any competitors brand. Having already accounted for specimen fish in excess of 60lb and added yards to the cast of many anglers thanks to their compact design, the Seadra Super X3 Rolling Swivel is about the most flawless design we have yet to encounter.
The extra strength allows you to comfortably fish with far smaller swivels than would be the case if using more traditional patterns. The Seadra X3 Rolling Swivels are sized to perfectly for tying neat match style shore rigs but they are more than adequate for general all round UK saltwater fishing. MADE FROM 316 MARINE GRADE STAINLESS STEEL

  • Small but immensely strong rolling swivels
  • 3X stronger than traditional brass swivels
  • Made from 100% Stainless steel
  • Fantastic strength to size ratio
  • Fully saltwater resistant
  • 3X fortified round stainless eyes
  • Extra-long body for improved rotation
  • Compact parallel body
  • Improved streamlining and neatness of your rigs
  • Super robust barrel
  • Smaller sizes perfect for match style rigs
  • Designed for all aspects of UK Saltwater fishing
  • Polished stainless finish
  • 20 Swivels per pack
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