Sakura Vertical 8X 150m 21lbs

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The Vertical 8X Sakura braid is specially designed for Vertical fishing. This high-end flowing braid is composed of 8 100% Dyneema strands. Carefully tested on all kinds of predators, it is naturally one of the best braids on the market.
Its discreet color and visual cues distributed along the length of this braid will be a major asset to offer you great efficiency during your fishing of carnivores in Vertical. Unlike the usual braids, the Vertical 8X is flowing. It places and keeps your lure in the right place very quickly and for as long as possible.

Made with high-end polyethylene (HPE) Dyneema® high module "Nippon SUPER PE" fibers woven according to an ultra-tight "Micro Pitch" process of 32 crosses per inch (peaks), these Sakura braids deserve more than just a look! The round section profile of the Vertical 8X and its unique "Velvet Glove" coating give it a sensational softness and offer all the qualities sought by vertical fishermen. Its nano structure distinguishes it from its competitors by an improved resistance of 20% and an unparalleled comfort of use: sensitivity, discretion, low wind grip, precision of throws, absence of memory, silent glide, etc. To try this braid is to adopt it!!!

  • Ultra-tight braiding, round profile
  • Formula "Super silent glide"
  • Flowing density
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Superior tensile strength
  • Zero elasticity
  • 100% PE high module
  • Grey colour with white marking every metre and red every 5 m
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