Rovex 10x Bulk

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Rovex 10X Formula Monofilament Fishing Line has all the hallmarks of a great line that is bound to be a humongous hit among all anglers looking for power and value for money. There is nothing quite as strong and long lasting as the Rovex 10 Formula Mono. Ideal for fishing on reefs and rocky shores, these lines have been designed to bear the roughest of conditions without breaking.

Manufactured using a cutting-edge polymer bonding formula that redefines monofilament fishing line, Rovex 10X Formula Mono Fishing Lines are some of the sturdiest lines in the world. The special, innovative formula makes them 10 times more abrasion resistant compared to other fishing lines in the same category. Rovex 10X Formula Monofilaments also feature incredible tensile strength making them capable of handling just about any weight thrown at them.

Rovex 10X Formula Monofilaments are dark green in colour. Easy to see while fishing, these lines become almost invisible in the water. This makes them an excellent choice for luring and catching almost any fish, in any environment, using any technique – the Rovex 10X Monofilament has the specifications of a winner at the right price.

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