Sawamura One Up Shad 5

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Most of the time used to target seabass as well as perch, the One Up Shad 5 is mainly used on jig head for prospections in linear, diagonal or vertical fishing. It can also be used in weightless in looking for black bass or pike. In the image of the one Up Shad of lower and upper sizes, the 5 ' ' its particularity is, its ability to accept a very large range of animations speeds. The one Up Shad 5 has a powerful attractor (Trump) that often allows you to have more time to hook the fish because it prolongs the time that the predators hold it in their mouth before they want to spit it out. The most popular rigs: combined with a jig head, hook size 4/0 or 5/0. Also, very efficient with Texas hook rig, focus on size 4/0 and wide gap.

  • Length: 106mm
  • Weight: 13g
  • 5 pc per pack
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