IMA Lipper 90

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Produce a weakened bait with a dance directly under the surface of the water!
Don't dive too much, slowly pull waves directly under the surface of the water and appeal!
It is stress-free and has an exquisite winding comfort and high ability to transmit information.
Dead throw retrieve trace the range of thin skin and produce a weakened bait.

ima's first wake minnow produced by ima pro staff Hitoshi Suzuki. There's too much bait to look at the lure... In such a situation, lipper 90 comes into place. Dead slow retrieves easily trace a thin-skinned range to make a pullout, creating a weakened bait and captivating sea bass.

  • [Total length] 90mm
    Weight 12g
    Type Floating
    [Range] 1 to 20cm
    Action Wake Action
    Hook #4
    Ring #3
    Main Target Seabass
    Recommended area: Tidal flats/estuaries/rivers
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