Deluxe Diamond Wrap Shrink Tube 1.6m

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1.6 metre length of diamond patterned shrink tube. The diamond pattern gives a mix of smooth and textured finish which gives you improved grip over the traditional plain shrink tube
It has a 30mm diameter and will shrink down to 18mm so it can be used on most common beach and boat rods. It shrinks at a nice uniform rate and you can either use a hair dryer or boiling water to shrink. For the best results start at one end and rotate the rod as you steadily move the heat source along the blank. Each strip is more than enough to do a full handle on one beach rod or too make abbreviated hand grips on several.

  • Diamond X wrap Shrink tube for rod handles
  • Supplied in 1.5m lengths
  • Protects your rod butt
  • Textured finish
  • Gives a comfortable grip
  • Works well with coasters, sliding and fixed reel seats
  • Size 30.0mm
  • Shrinks down to approx. 18mm
  • Easy to fit
  • Shrink with either boiling water or a hair dryer
  • Available in black
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