Urban Bait Liver Cracker Powder 100g

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The Urban Bait Liver Cracker powder is the Liver powder carp absolutely love! It’s a fresh Liver based enhancer made from the finest ingredients. Liver powder has proven over the years to be one of the top Carp attractors on the market. Simple baits that Carp love such as Chum mixers, have high amounts of Liver in them making them irresistible to Carp.

Using The Liver Powder Carp Love

The uses of the Liver-Cracker are many. Just 2-3 teaspoons full in a single kilo of boilie, will enhance your bait tenfold. The moisture in the boilie will suck in the powder tainting the bait with the high attract Liver.

If you are adding it to base mix, just 15 grams per kilo will give the bait a strong Liver smell. We have found over the past number of years that adding it to any type of bait will increase your chances of catching. It works extremely well when added to boilies, particles, dog biscuits, maggots, hook-baits and many more.

This is the Liver powder Carp love!

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