Tronixpro Virtuoso Live Runner

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Virtuoso Live Runner
Offers the same quality and spool inter-compatibility as the other Virtuoso reels but features a live runner system. The live runner system allows fish to run with the bait and alert you to the strike without you having to adjust the main drag. When the angler starts to reel in, the live runner is disengaged, and the angler is then playing the fish against the main drag of the reel.

  • Interchangeable, independently available spools.
  • Stainless steel bearings and graphite body.
  • Slow oscillation system for improved line lay.
  • Spools come with Tronixpro Spool Bands and reels come with a Tronixpro cloth bag.
  • Reels and spools are 8000 size.

The Virtuoso Range
A fixed spool range aimed at the match or dedicated angler who fishes with long range, fixed spool surf casting rods and needs the flexibility of using different diameter lines. This is our most versatile fixed spool reel range, giving the angler endless options to suit each fishing situation.
Virtuoso eliminates the problem of having to source expensive aftermarket spools for fixed spool reels. Virtuoso has an interchangeable range of spools that fit all our Virtuoso reels, all of which can be purchased separately. This allows the angler to easily buy, load and carry as many spools as they wish with all the line diameters they could ever want. Spools are colour coded, allowing them to be easily identified from the top down when in a spool case or box. There are five spools to choose from, from a deep spool through to a UL shallow spool.
Virtuoso reels have been designed for saltwater use. They feature graphite bodies and stainless steel bearings which are corrosion resistant and saltwater proof. Each reel features a precise, micro adjustable drag so you can set it exactly to where it needs to be for the conditions and intended catch. Each reel also features a slow oscillation system that improves line lay and promotes line efficiency during the cast for longer distances.

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