Smith Dragonbait Seabass

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Built exclusively for the European bass lure fishing market by SMITH LTD a renowned lure rod manufacturer hailing from Japan these Korean built rods are only a step away from a full JDM product with half the price tag.

They are built as a  single tip section plus butt making them more like a conventional boat rod in styling.

They are suited for casting both soft and hard lures but really come into their own when used as a vertical or drift fishing lure rod.

With a sensitive tip and incredible back bone these are one of the best rods available in the UK for boat lure fishing.  


Length Line Class Cast weight Type Specification
7'2" 218cm 8-17lb 7-40g Spinning Casting
7'3" 221cm 6-14lb  10-60g Spinning Casting
7'8" 235cm 12-30lb 10-60g Spinning Casting / Wreck
7' 214CM 15-30lb 40-110g Spinning Exo Light (3pc Travel 75cm Sections)
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