Savage Gear Mag Sandeel Surf Walker

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The Savage Gear Sandeel Surf Walker is a based on a 3D scan of a reel sandeel! The long slim ABS body has a fantastic action that drives predators wild. The floating Sandeel Surf Walker features a built-in long cast system and a loud rattle. The ultra sharp treble hooks ensure a fantastic hookup ratio. The super realistic details combined with the fantastic action and built-in long casts system makes this a great lure for every sea trout and sea bass angler!

- Length: 210 mm
- Weight: 41 g
- Strong ABS body
- 3D scanned details
- Floating
- Magnetic Silent Long Cast System
- Jerk & Roll action
- Loud rattle
- Horizontal balance
- Casts like a cannon
- A killer for sea bass and sea trout

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