Rovex surf Shockleader

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Rovex Surf Tournament Leaders have been designed with the surf angler in mind. These quality leaders are all about enhancing the surfcasting experience.

Rovex Surf Tournament Leaders have been designed using a high quality copolymer, which stands out for its strength. The material used is impressively tough. Abrasion resistant and superior strength all just add volumes to an already great package. An extra protective coating of silicone gives the line its sleek feel, allowing for longer and better casts.

Every angler who takes surfcasting seriously needs a leader for optimum performance. There is none better than the Rovex Surf Tournament Leader at that. Available in 150m spools of either Clear or Hi Viz.

Rovex Surf Tournament Leaders are the benchmark of excellence and a delight for the surfcasting enthusiast. Surfcasting with Rovex Surf Tournament Leader is just that much more enjoyable.

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