Nomura Hiro Evolution

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Designed with the same construction experience of the HIRO TA, it is proposed in sizes 30-40-50 suitable for a wide use ranging from light spinning in fresh water up to spinning to small predators at sea. Thanks to the use of materials resistant to salt and brass gears it does not fear challenging fights. The aluminum spool, machined from a mono-block and lightened by elegant holes, has the beveled upper edge suitable for braided lines, which has now become compulsory for those who spinning. The aluminum handle develops great strength on the drive gear. and ends with an elegant rubber cork and EVA knob. A second graphite spool is included inside the box.

  3000 275 g 5.1:1 1 graphite mm/m 0.24/300 0.28/200
  4000 282 g 5.5:1 1 graphite mm/m 0.28/170 0.33/200
  5000 387 g 5.1:1 1 graphite mm/m 0.37/235 0.40/200
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