Fiiish Power Tail Squid Silver Sardine 25g

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Power Tail Concept Cephalopods Special


Specifically designed for cephalopods. Like the original, the Power Tail Squid has the same patented concept: a hard, transparent fin that creates action for the body and slows its descent by creating maximum vibrations.


Innovative hooking system: No Snags !


Unlike existing squid jigs, the hooks are placed on the back of the lure above the lure’s paddle. The cephalopod will grab the lure closest to the hooks for maximum success. With the hooking system at the back of the lure you will not get stuck on the bottom.


Glider Head


The head of the Power Tail Squid is designed as a “glider head” so that it sinks quickly and can effectively be fished along the bottom, with the lure being presented at a 45° angle for maximum effectiveness

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