ESP Chod Rig

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Chod Rigs are one of the best methods of presenting Pop-ups over weedy, silty lake beds with lots of detritus (chod) on the bottom.

For optimum efficiency the rig uses ultra sharp Stiff Rigger hooks, Stiff Bristle Filament and a smoothly rotating Japanese Uni Link Swivel. The whipping knot on ESP Chod Rigs grips the hook very tightly ensuring the Bristle Filament comes off the hook dead in line with the shank.

The combination of a high quality smoothly rotating Uni Link Swivel and a subtle curved ‘set’ to the Bristle Filament means that whichever way carp approach the hookbait the rig will spin round resulting in a secure hook hold in the bottom lip virtually every time.

  • 3 rigs per pack
Available in:
  • Size 4 - 20lb
  • Size 5 - 20lb
  • Size 6 - 15lb
  • Size 7 - 15lb
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