Daiwa Prorex Joint Bait 100

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This new, multi-sectioned lure within our Prorex series delivers an outstanding action.

The Joint Bait is wiggling through the water ‘saucily‘ even at an extremely slow retrieve. With short, light strokes with the rod the lure is flanking laterally.

With short stops during spinning, the lure is sinking horizontally in slow motion and at the same time perfectly retains its balance.

Thanks to its slow sinking, this lure also can be fished in very shallow waters. Suitable for slow and fast lure action – an optimal lure for the whole season.

Due to a special 3D printing procedure, these live-coloured lures surprisingly imitate a real fish – ideal for clear and highly frequented waters. Also the silent construction is perfectly suited for heavily fished waters, because rattles often frighten away fish.

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