Cinnetic Rextail Compact 390 Extreme

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This impressive rod features 30T reinforced carbon capable of casting a 140g lure and capable of landing large bass in heavy swells and has a bare lift up power of 7kg.

Not only is it a brute of a lure rod it is also gained a following as a rough weather surf bass rod, fishing bait into heavy seas when the extra length is required to reach over the tops of waves. 

I use this rod with a 125g gripper lead and a chunk of mackerel on a 6/0 hook and have landed bass to over 8lb on this rod. It is also my go to rod for fishing large baits in the river Arun for bass. It has good sensitivity through the tip but when playing a large fish has all the backbone you need to bully a fish without losing any of the fight.

  • 390cm long
  • 3 section
  • 138cm closed length
  • Fuji guides
  • 80-180g casting rate (ideal at 140g max)
  • 475g total weight.
  • Graphics may vary from photo
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