"What would you do if you hooked a tope in the surf?"

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"What would you do if you hooked a tope in the surf?"

Another Bass PB

"What would you do if you hooked a tope in the surf?" Its an unsettling question to be asked when waist deep in flat calm water on an evening that should have been windy and full of crashing waves according to the forecast.

Fast forward a couple of hours and I'm on the edge of the water with my bass rod bent nearly double with aching arms and back.

I've been fighting a really powerful fish for around 10 minutes by now and every time I gain a few meters of line it takes them and more right back off the reel.

The head shakes dont feel like a big conger and the fact it never made a run to shore made it feel unlike a bass.

The rod stayed bent over with the tip shuddering and always pressure on the line, me gaining, it taking in clutch screaming runs

Suddenly nothing just the weight of some weed on the line...had I lost it?

Nope another last ditch clutch burning run announced it was still hooked.

I was taking my time as this felt big!

I carefully manoeuvred it away from the dangers of going around the end of a breakwater and finally slid it onto the shingle.

No it wasnt a tope it was a large lump of weed and a huge bass! Another personal best for sure.

A few pictures and weighing her later she swam strongly back to sea all 11lb 7ozs of her.

An excellent result for a session I nearly abandoned due to the lack of surf.

Final tally 1 strap conger around 3lbs and two bass of 11lb 7oz and 4lb.


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