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New Bass PB


Anyone who knows me will know my absolute favourite type of fishing involves being battered by wind, rain and surf.
Just standing in the surf holding my rod with everything I need crammed into the pockets of my savage gear lure vest, suits me just fine.
End tackle is no more than a running ledger to a single 6/0 Cox & Rawle Specimen Extra hook with a chunk of mackerel. Nothing more, just so I can feel each knock of a bass.

This week some may think has been bad weather due to the wind but I have been itching to get out in the surf. Today was the first opportunity I had and I took it.

Early on I had a couple of small knocks from probably a tiny bass. As the surf deepened I started to cast closer to the beach and it didn't take long for a gentle knock and a slack line which I wound into. The moment the fish knew it was hooked it went on a number of clutch screaming runs taking line off the reel and pulling really hard, I honestly thought I had hooked a decent size stingray as it pulled so hard against the drag taking more line and kiting left and right in the surf.

It wasn't until I saw it through the crest of a crystal clear 4ft wave the I realised it was a huge (by my standards anyway) bass! Things suddenly got a lot more serious as there was no way I was going to lose it.

After what seemed ages of heart stopping runs I slid an absolute chunk of silver onto the shingle, my new PB Bass of 10lb 13oz.

After a few photos she was released back into the surf.

Next cast I was also on the phone to my regular fishing partner Simon but that call was ended abruptly by a 5lb 5oz bass taking my bait.

After that I called an evening so I could go home for tea and medals.


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