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A minnow shaped diving lure which is a fantastic caster, with a diving depth of between 0.3 and 0.9m, it is the perfect lure for fishing in the upper layers. Its sleek, aerodynamic shape coupled with an internal moving weight system, allow this lure to be cast long distances, with ease, even in the face of a biting gale. Designed to dive down to around 1m, it is an excellent choice when fishing around the immediate surface layers of the water. It features an attractive wobble and rolling action that is irresistible to predatory species such as bass. The combination of its long casting ability and its diving depth make this an excellent lure when searching the upper layers of the water column for the taking depth of bass. Features strong split rings and ultra-sharp saltwater resistant trebles.

  • 125mm
  • 20g
  • Sub Surface
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